Financial Education, Counseling, & Coaching

Improve your finances
Improve your life

If you are interested in taking financial control of your life—UEDC is here to help. UEDC offers credit and budget counseling to those who need help with budgeting, money management skills, and credit issues.

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Homebuyer Education

UEDC offers group education and one-on-one counseling for first time homebuyers who are thinking about purchasing a home. The workshops cover budgeting, credit, selecting a home, selecting a loan product, the home purchase process, avoiding foreclosure, maintenance, and much more.

Keeping the dream of homeownership – post purchase education and counseling.

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Foreclosure Intervention and Prevention

Life Happens – know your options – assessing your short term, long-term, and permanent options to continuing homeownership or letting it go and moving on.

UEDC provides free counseling to families who may be experiencing financial trouble with their mortgage and need help in assessing affordable and sustainable homeownership.

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